Outstanding weight/performance/range ratio off-road electric motorcycle

About the NOMAD

The vehicle was developed by the Defense Innovation Research Institute NZrt. and Genesys Motors Ltd., established to create defense innovation solutions tailored to the needs of the Hungarian Defense Forces.

The need for the development of the light modular tactical vehicle family is driven by the necessity for a flexible response to rapidly changing operational conditions. The vehicle’s exceptional performance and lightweight design enable explosive agility even under extreme conditions.

The device was tested in multiple stages by the Hungarian Defense Forces. During the tests, the motor performed outstandingly due to its easily mastered handling and customizability. Development and manufacturing take place in Hungary, allowing the motorcycle to be configured for specific tasks.

Planned Areas of Use

  • Reconnaissance Operations
  • Rapid Response Deployments
  • Enhancing Mobility of Special Units
  • Terrain Exploration and Patrol
  • Civil Applications

Vehicle Dimensions

  • Lenght: 1870 mm
  • Width: 730 mm
  • Height: 1280 mm
  • Weight: 80 kg


  • Extreme off-road capability
  • Ultra-lightweight, easily transportable design
  • Intuitive, easy handling
  • Scalable with military accessories
  • Rapid-response, high-performance electric drivetrain
  • Configurable driving profiles: street, off-road, extreme
  • Development possibilities: AI-controlled learning mode, remote access via military satellites (IRIDIUM)

Technical Specifications

  • Power: 11kW nominal, 32kW peak
  • Torque: 500 Nm (at the wheels)
  • Approximately 4kWh battery
  • Range: 100km+ (street profile, 45km/h, with a 90kg rider)
  • Speed: Electronically limited to 100km/h