Light Modular Tactical Vehicle

About the NONIUS

The vehicle was developed by the Defense Innovation Research Institute NZrt., which was established to develop defense innovation solutions, tailored to the needs of the Hungarian Defense Forces. The need for the development of the light modular tactical vehicle family is justified by the possibility of flexible response to rapidly changing operational conditions. The foundation of the vehicle is a tool proven in off-road rally competitions, known for its high performance and reliable operation even under extreme conditions, developed over several decades. Following successful multi-stage testing by the Hungarian Defense Forces, the plan is to produce a multifunctional modular vehicle family domestically, in line with the goals of the national defense industry strategy.

Planned Areas of Use

  • Special Operations Forces
  • Reconnaissance Units
  • Territorial Defense Forces
  • Logistical and Medical Tasks

Vehicle Dimensions

  • Lenght: 4590 mm
  • Width: 1920 mm
  • Height: 2240 mm
  • Weight: 1300 kg


  • Fast with excellent off-road capabilities
  • Frame structure can accommodate various weapon systems
  • Future development possibilities: autonomous driving, hybrid propulsion

Technical Specifications

  • Extremely efficient and lightweight chassis
  • Advanced aerodynamics
  • 200 horsepower turbo-intercooler engine